About Us

Africa Fuel is the leader in customer service-driven, professional fuel transportation.

From ULP, LRP, 50PPM and 500PPM to Illuminating Paraffin, we transport it all, efficiently, and professionally. We mainly focus on Kwazulu Natal, the Free State and the Northern Cape on a daily basis, however we often transport all the way inland into Gauteng and often even up into Limpopo.

Most fuel transport companies focus on and work for the major oil companies, but we at Africa Fuel, rather focus on and work for the fuel users, and put our clients needs first. This ensures we offer unmatched customer service and satisfaction and that we cater to the exact needs and requirements of the clients we transport for. Testament to this, is the fact that we transport for such a large part of the Agricultural sector in South Africa. The agricultural sector is one of the largest fuel consuming markets, and their needs and usage cycles differ vastly from the norm, but we at Africa Fuel took on the challenge and tailor-make the supply, distribution and transport plan for each of them to suit their requirements and ensure their clients in turn never run dry.

“Customer service” is an overused word that has lost most of it’s meaning as it is easily thrown around trying to win new business. On the other hand, we at Africa Fuel, truly bring new meaning to the word, as is evident by the fact that we do not advertise, and our business and reputation has grown solely based on the word of mouth from our customers. We truly focus on not just being another fuel transporter, but rather partner with our customers to offer them the best solution and service for their needs and requirements, and in doing so, we partner with them for life.

Equipment-wise, Africa Fuel only uses the best. We constantly monitor the market for the best in trucking and transportation equipment. All our trucks are new and we replace them strictly every 4 years to ensure reliable and quality equipment. We only make use of the market leaders in the tanker trailers too as these ensure problem-free operation and exact measurements. We do not skimp on equipment to ensure that our equipment does not let us down when we go the extra-mile for our customers. Our drivers are rigorously interviewed and tested before appointment to ensure we only employ the best, and they are constantly re-tested and re-evaluated to keep them at that level.

“Safety” is a concept we do not take lightly. We always comply with all the depot and refinery requirements of each and every one of the major oil companies, and we far exceed the minimum legal requirements for Hazardous Goods transportation.

At Africa Fuel we have one goal, and that is not to become the biggest fuel transport company in South Africa, but rather to “stay the best fuel transport company in the world”, bar none.